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Klick-Tec-Roof with the Trick-Click-Ready with product-specific approval
and adequate product liability.

Very light, extremely resistant and absolutely budgte-priced - Klick-Tec-Roofs captivate under all conditions: Defying hurricanes, strong hailstorms, exceeding weight of snow, incessant rain.

The system is installed quickly and easily, maintains a lifetime.

The brilliant system with invisible fortification:
Through indirect fixation, no mounting is apparent from the outside.
The material does not get penetrated from the outside and thereby stays absolutely
leak-proof. Through the special fold formation, the roof does not allow the formation of capillaries even at a inclination angle of 3 degrees or 5 %.
The Klick-Tech-Roof is among other things ideal for shaft asbestos restoration and
flat roofs.

The one-stop roof:
We guarantee precise fabrication in our own manufacturing facility. Short delivery time, low transportation costs.
We deliver incl. fascia board, groin and verge, crown and notch fillet in requested color and material, from zinced sheet steel, color-coated, aluminum titan-zinc, copper.

Our standard colors are:  
RAL 9006 White aluminum
RAL 9002 Off-white
RAL 8014 Sepia brown
RAL 8004 Copper brown
RAL 7016 Anthracite
RAL 8012 Red brown

The system doesn't necessarily need to be assembled on a continous casing, a lath construction with a minimum spacing of 40 cm would be enough. The system is available in warm roof and cold roof version and can be mounted on non-slip insulation as well.
Our system doesn't get nailed or srewed on the subconstruction, the mortices don't need to get closed elaborately by hand, that's why we guarantee a very easy and quick assemblage.

1. Set width of sheet metal, screw on stainless steel clamps every 40cm

2. Set next width on mortice

3. Click down with foot.

Well: The Roof with the Trick-Click-Ready!

Our system can be delivered with anti condensate coating or noise protection film.

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