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Inox-Color Stainless Steel:

Noblest facades in interiors as well as exteriors can be achieved by processing stainless steel sheet metal through our Inox-Spectral-Method.
This method is also outstandingly suitable for the design of other stainless steel products in terms of color i.e. expanded metal, wire cloth, profiles, components for construction, among others.

This procedure is not about applying color. It is an electrochemical process with specific advantages like a tendential enhancement of corrosion resistance compared to uncolored stainless steel.

The possible applications are unlimited:
For representative facades in interior architecture and for exteriors, ceilings and walls, but also for industrial objects that can be integrated anytime into the natural atmosphere. Also the fabrication of windows and doors, at the shop, for the fitout of bars and interior finish, are ideal application fields for colored, rust-free stainless steel. Elevator cabs and information/exibition booths alike experince an upgrading.

Since long already, stainless steel finds an application in arts: conventional as well as avant-garde artists are utilizing this noble material in color.

With longtime experience in mechanic, electronic and chemical surface processing and with a digitally controlled process of manufacture, design concepts and constructive requirements can be realized precisely and economically.

Inox-Tec-Method for clean surfaces:
In heavily frequented areas, where stainless steel is applied, for example cladding of elevators, handrails, etc. passerbys inevitably leave behind traces in form of finger prints.
This method for surfaces made of stainless steel reduces these unattractive disturbances. It makes finger prints less apparent. Polution of any kind can be cleared smoothely and residue-free - even graffiti.
It provides an ideal corrosion resistance while maintaining the structure.



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